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About Being & Beyond

Are you tired of living with untapped potential?! Have you had enough of feeling stuck, lost and frustrated?! Are you wanting to leap forwards, but not not sure how to? Do you want to move away from anxiety, stress, sadness, fear and lack of direction, and forwards into a confident, authentic, expressive and healthy life that energises and excites you? You're in the right place!

I'm Hannah, a fully certified and accredited counsellor, life coach and mentor and I help people to create the life they truly want! I believe everyone has so much to offer and it's my mission to help people find true self-confidence whilst achieving there goals...ultimately creating the life that brings them more joy.

Whether you are being called to make career moves, start your own business or improve areas in your personal life, such as your self-confidence, relationships, health, fitness, well-being or sense of purpose and direction, I can help you. Together we can navigate you through these profound times giving you newfound clarity, deeper connection and true confidence.

You may have been exploring this need for change for a while or perhaps this is a new calling as a result of a life event, transition or situation that has occurred, either way, life happens! ...And in order to get where you really want to go, you have to make real shifts!
Self-improvement doesn’t mean doing everything completely on your own – it also means knowing when to seek quality guidance and ask for help from someone who truly cares, who knows what they are doing, and can actually help to get you there; someone who truly 'gets you' and who has truly 'got you'...and that's where I step in!

I know how hard it can be to dig deep and push through the tough times and I understand it can be frustrating and lonely living your preferred life out in your own head and not bringing those dreams to fruition, sometimes even completing simple tasks can seem impossible! We are all human, we are all unique and who we are, including our goals, is supposed to be experienced and shared with the world. After all, what's a life half-lived?!

I have experienced first-hand how liberating it can be to step into your own personal power, live with bravery, intention and create an impact. I know what it takes to achieve, but perhaps more importantly, I know how to harness my personal power and progress from a place of not feeling the 'need' to; a place of feeling unconditionally worthy and being 'perfectly imperfect'- that's where the real magic happens! I struggled to find a balanced blend of therapy and expert coaching to support me when I needed to just be me- BEING, and challenge me when I needed it to move forwards and get myself 'out there'- BEYOND. So I put the hard work in and after years of study, practice and continued personal development, here we have Being & Beyond! Like everyone, I am always a work in progress, but I find so much joy in being alive and I've now made it my mission is to help other people to experience the same!


Together we will work in a safe, non-judgemental, creative space to redesign your life in a way that truly aligns with who YOU are, your personal aspirations and your intentions. I will challenge, guide, encourage and support you to discover the true you, to be brave and finally navigate your way through the uncertainty and fear of failure, and move towards the empowering, expressive and fulfilled future full of experiences that you want and deserve!

The truth is, we all have what it takes within in us, but very few people take action to create the life they want. There's a reason you are here - This is your chance! ...and I'll be here to expertly guide, support and cheer you along the way!

Now, Let's get you going, Being & Beyond!

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