Hi, I'm Hannah, a certified and counsellor and accredited senior level coach and consultant and welcome to Being & Beyond!

I Have Over 10 Years Of Experience In Providing Transformational Success and Fulfilment Coaching To People Just Like You!

Do you want to move away from anxiety, stress, fear and lack of direction, and forwards into an authentic, expressive and healthy life that energises and excites you?


Whether you are being called to make career moves, start your own business or improve areas in your personal life, such as confidence, relationships, health and well-being or sense of purpose and direction, I can help you. Together we can navigate you through these profound times giving you newfound clarity, confidence and connection, and the results you dream of!

You may have been exploring the need for change for a while now; maybe you've hit breaking point or perhaps this is a sudden new calling as a result of a life event, transition or situation that has come up, either way, in order to get where you want to go, you have to make real shifts!

Self-improvement doesn’t mean doing everything completely on your own – it also means knowing when to seek quality guidance and ask for help from someone who can help get you there; someone who truly 'gets you' and who has truly 'got you'...and that's where I step in!


I know what it feels like to be hungry to push forwards in life on your own terms and after working hard on my own life, goals and huge dreams, over the years, I have experienced first-hand how liberating it can be to be brave and step into your own personal power and live passionately with intention! It can be lonely and frustrating living your best life out in your own head and not bringing it to fruition! We are all unique and who we are, including our dreams and goals, is supposed to be experienced and shared with the world. What's a life half-lived after all?!

I have helped over 350 people create true transformational change in their lives by letting go of what doesn't serve them, setting clear goals and actioning them and finally utilising their incredible untapped potential. I love nothing more than seeing dreams coming to life as a result of real and lasting inner transformations.

Being & Beyond is a culmination of my signature methods and programmes built from everything I have studied and experienced and it would be wonderful to have you join me in creating your future!


Together we will work in a safe, non-judgemental, creative space to design your life in a way that truly aligns with your aspirations. I will guide you, encourage you, hold you accountable and support you to finally navigate your way through the uncertainty and fear of failure, and become empowered, confident and successful.

Are you ready to live an expressive and fulfilled future full of experiences that you want and deserve whilst impacting the world on a greater level? You have everything within you to do this and I'll be here along the way!

Let's get you going TODAY...Being & Beyond!