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Real Results, Real Stories:
Client Testimonials

Matt B.


"Since meeting with Hannah my overall stress levels have reduced, I’ve been able to sleep better, and I feel I have a range of tools and techniques not only for dealing with life better, but also to get more out of life and work. I thoroughly recommend opening up to her and see where it goes. .”​

Elizabeth R.

From Maths Teacher..
To Freelance Maths Tutor and Actress!

“Before joining sessions with Hannah I struggled to find counsellors or coaches who fit my needs or were able to fully understand my situation. I had tried different people on and off for a while but it never quite stuck. I was miserable in my work life, felt lost in my personal life and lacked direction with little understanding of how to achieve a sense of general happiness.
I felt like I was failing to make the most of the opportunities I'd had in my life so far and yearned to be happy.


Within the first six months I had handed in my notice, decided to move countries and made significant progress in understanding myself better by engaging in exercises and taking action towards pursuing a career in acting. This time last year, I was dreading the upcoming year and the thought of going into acting wasn't even on my radar - now I can't wait to see what happens by this time next year.

I feel a lot more confident to pursue a life I want rather than settle for the life I had. I previously had placed a barrier on aspects of my life which I feel have been completely lifted. I feel like everything and anything is achievable. There have been a lot of challenging moments and with patience and kindness Hannah has guided me through processing these thoughts without avoiding issues. 

If you are thinking of joining Hannah ask yourself “What if you could achieve your hopes and dreams by saying YES to attending sessions?!!”

Thank you Hannah, for your continued work and support towards achieving my vision! You were the energy and guidance I needed in my life at the right time for me, I look back and barely recognise the person I was before our sessions.

Leah C.


"Hannah has helped me remember my self-worth and regain my confidence both personally and professionally. I now see opportunities & I go for them! If anyone is considering coaching, I’d highly recommend Hannah. She’s knowledgeable, personable and gets results!”​

Roselle R.

Commercial Director, Tech

"I see such great benefits from our sessions! I found them so valuable and cannot thank you enough for all of the support, advice, and courage you gave me.”​

Phoebe M.

From HR Associate.

To Freelance Presenter and Virtual Assistant!

"The progress I have made with Hannah as my Life Coach has been unreal! I would never have put myself out there for half of the job and life opportunities that I have, had it not been for Hannah’s support and cheerleading all the way! There’s no such thing as a silly question and every session, I’m left inspired to work towards my goals. I look forward to every single session and will be working with Hannah for a long time to come! Thank you so much!"

Debbie L.

Before working with Hannah, I had previously tried life coaching, however I did not find it that helpful, for a while after I was hesitant to try coaching again until I discovered Hannah who does not just provide coaching but can also provide a mentoring service. Before working with Hannah, I was greatly struggling to find the clarity I needed to decide my next steps in life and work, as I knew I needed to break away from the corporate world to start my own business but did not know what business I wanted to start, nor how to achieve the reality of making this dream happen.  


The not knowing made me feel lost and stuck and with time passing by and no progress being made I felt uninspired about my future. Since working with Hannah I have gained clarity in the business I want to start, and I am really starting to feel unstuck, and for the first time in a long time I am excited to think about what will happen next. I plan to continue working with Hannah as her support is invaluable in me making progress, and I am excited to see where this new entrepreneurial journey will take me.


To anyone who is on the fence about working with Hannah, I highly recommend taking a leap of faith, don’t waste time “thinking” jump in and see where working with Hannah takes you, you won't be disappointed.  


Hannah’s passion and genuineness to help shines through, she is professional but warm and has a natural gift for coaching, counselling and mentoring others to bring about the changes they desire to live a more meaningful life.


Thank you, Hannah!

Sherry A.

Lesley M.

Laury T.

Nazrin N.

Luke B.

Katherine Morgan

Commercial Director, UPP

“I love it already! I’ve seen a lot of change in such a short time! I’m so much more aware and now feel peace! I am committed to this and would love to be a longterm client!”

"This has changed my life and it continues to so everyday.
Thank you Hannah!"

"Hannah has helped me to breakdown my issues and come up with solutions. I feel more relaxed and calmer. So appreciative!"

"I feel like everything has shifted. All of a sudden everything is working for me instead of against me!"

"I feel like a different personal already, especially my accountability and self-love. I feel more empowered and am excited for the journey ahead.
I certainly recommend Hannah to anyone looking to achieve and fulfilled their potential!"

"We really enjoyed Hannah's high level overview of how to improve our wellbeing along with easy to follow life hacks. Hannah managed to engage the whole audience and we all walked away with an action plan for a happier and healthier life. I would recommend Hannah for any group wellbeing session and am sure she would be good at boosting confidence or wellbeing on a one-to-one basis."

Zara Toutouyoutte, 

Team Administrator, UPP

"Hannah came into my workplace to coach us on work performance, productivity, mental health and wellness. She had us all engaged and afterwards we all felt motivated and clear about how we can positively change our lifestyles. Immediately I had colleagues tell me how informative they thought the coaching was and that they have made plans to make personal changes - They even remembered the key and fun phrases Hannah used!

The coaching was a great success. Hannah totally smashed it and got the information across to the team effortlessly; so much so we plan to have her back in the office to talk to a wider team. Thank you Hannah!"

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