"The progress I have made with Hannah as my Life Coach has been unreal! I would never have put myself out there for half of the job/life opportunities that I have, had it not been for Hannah’s support and cheerleading all the way! There’s no such thing as a silly question and every session, I’m left inspired to work towards my goals. I look forward to every single session and will be working with Hannah for a long time to come! Thank you so much!"


"This has changed my life and it continues to so everyday.
Thank you Hannah!"


"Hannah has helped me to breakdown my issues and come up with solutions. I feel more relaxed and calmer. So appreciative!"


"I feel like everything has shifted. All of a sudden everything is working for me instead of against me!"


"I feel like a different personal already, especially my accountability and self-love. I feel more empowered and am excited for the journey ahead.
I certainly recommend Hannah to anyone looking to achieve and fulfilled their potential!"

Katherine Morgan, 
Commercial Director, UPP

"We really enjoyed Hannah's high level overview of how to improve our wellbeing along with easy to follow life hacks. Hannah managed to engage the whole audience and we all walked away with an action plan for a happier and healthier life. I would recommend Hannah for any group wellbeing session and am sure she would be good at boosting confidence or wellbeing on a one-to-one basis."

Zara Toutouyoutte, 
Team Administrator, UPP

"Hannah came into my work place to give a talk on wellbeing, mental health and how to stay healthy in an office environment. 

Hannah had my colleagues engaged and they left the session feeling more motivated on how they can change their lifestyles. Immediately I had colleagues tell me how informative they thought the session was and that they have made plans to change their diets, introduce more exercise daily and they even picked up on the “hydrate before caffeinate” concept. Overall the session was a success and Hannah totally smashed it and got the information across to the team effortlessly; so much so we plan to have her back in the office to talk to a wider team. Thank you Hannah!"