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Coaching is a pathway to organic development, enabling you to take steps that resonate with your own unique journey and aspirations. While you'll experience tangible results from our very first session, it's essential to recognise that this process isn't a quick fix. It embodies a deeply personal and progressive transformation, a reliable, long-term strategy to elevate every area of your life on a foundation of stability.

It's understandable to feel a degree of apprehension about initiating change. Altering patterns, habits, and limiting beliefs can seem daunting. The great news is that amid these changes, there are numerous positives to preserve and build upon. The focus is not on altering everything but rather refining the elements that aren't currently contributing to your life optimally.

After our coaching sessions, you'll emerge with heightened energy, sharpened focus, enhanced confidence, greater clarity, and a profound connection to your future.

Mentoring and Consultancy

In my role as a business coach and mentor, I work privately with small and medium-sized businesses. Additionally, I serve as a business mentor on the Government's 'Help To Grow Management Programme' and proudly hold membership with the Association of Business Mentors.

With an extensive history of self-employment and establishing my own businesses, I've cultivated a wealth of valuable experience that I'm eager to share with others. I am particularly enthused about collaborating with professionals, creatives, executives, small business owners, entrepreneurs, athletes, artists, leaders, and educators. I invite you to reach out for more details about the array of support I provide in this capacity.


Discover a path to clarity, healing, and strength during difficult moments through counselling. Providing a safe space to explore your emotions, address inner struggles, and develop coping strategies, I'm here to guide you. By blending holistic coaching and mentoring with my extensive counselling background, I offer a well-rounded outlook. Whether you're prepared to navigate profound depths or seek comfort, I'm here to support your transformative journey, shaped entirely by your readiness and preferences.

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