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About Being & Beyond

Hi, I'm Hannah of Being and Beyond. I'm a fully certified, accredited Coach, Counsellor, Mentor and Entrepreneur. I support individuals and organisations to think better, feel better and achieve more!

I often work with clients who are stuck in a life they don't want anymore or feel they are living with untapped potential. Some are highly talented and skilled but not achieving the results they want. This can lead to feeling:

  • Lost

  • Stuck

  • Down

  • Frustrated

  • Overwhelmed

If you are a self-starter who prefers to sit in the driver's seat it can be difficult to ask for help. You'll need a coach who encourages these qualities and helps you build on them. I'll help you find your true alignment so it's completely authentic and leads you to the fulfilling results you want.

My approach

Experience first-hand how liberating it can be to step into your own personal power, live with bravery, intention and create an impact!
Being and Beyond clients not only achieve great results in both their personal and professional life but perhaps more importantly, they learn how to harness their personal power and progress from a place of not feeling the 'need' to but instead from a place of feeling unconditionally worthy, being 'perfectly imperfect' and being willing to fail forwards- Trust me, that's where the real magic happens!


Every day is different, we all have many layers and there is no one-approach that fits all. I developed Being and Beyond as I saw a need for a balanced blend of professional therapy, coaching and mentoring that was personal to each individual and their own life. I offer quality support when you need to discover, develop and be your authentic self - BEING. I also call you out, challenge you, and guide you when you need it to move forwards and continue to get yourself 'out there' and create big results! - BEYOND.

So here we have Being & Beyond! I've now helped over 500 people step out of the shadows and into themselves!

I'm the right coach for you if you are looking for change, support, help and results.

Are You Ready?

If you know there is more to life and you'd like to start tapping into that potential let's get going...


Coaching allows organic development so you can take (powerful) steps that suit you and your journey.
Although you’ll see and feel the results from the first session this isn’t a quick fix. It’s a very personal, progressive transformation, a reliable long-term approach to up-levelling your entire life; building on solid foundations.

You may be feeling apprehensive about making change, that’s to be expected as changing your patterns, habits and limiting beliefs can feel intimidating. The good news is there are as many positives in there we can keep and build on. It's never a case of changing everything just the things that aren't currently helping you.

You'll come away from our coaching sessions with more:

  • Energy

  • Focus

  • Confidence

  • Clarity

  • A true connection to your future

Mentoring and Consultancy

I've always worked for myself and had my own businesses, so have built a wealth of experience that I'm keen to share with others. I am particularly excited to work with professionals, creatives, executives, small business owners, entrepreneurs, athletes, artists, leaders and teachers.
Please get in contact to find out more about this type of support.

I am a business mentor privately and to small and medium businesses on the Government's Help To Grow Management Programme. I am also a member of the Association of Business Mentor


I take a whole-person approach to coaching and mentoring which is why my counselling training and experience are so valuable.

If there is something deeper you need to (and are ready to) unpack we can do this work too.

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