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Health and Wellness Coaching





Hannah Rees Williams

My Philosophy is 'Being & Beyond' :

Quality support when you need to discover, develop and be your authentic self - BEING. Someone to call you out, challenge you, and guide you when you need to move forwards, get yourself 'out there', achieve your goals and create success! - BEYOND.

We Can Work Together On...

  • Weight Loss and Weight Management

  • Body Composition and Body Transformation

  • Fitness and Rehabilitation

  • Stamina

  • Sleep

  • Breath-Work

  • Energy Levels

  • Food Choices and Eating Habits

  • Exercise

  • Lifestyle and Daily Routines

  • Stress and Overwhelm

  • Anxiety and Depression

  • Trauma

...and much more!

(Fully certified and accredited in all of the above areas)

Transformational 1-to-1 Sessions To Maximise Your Potential in Your Personal and Professional Life:


Nutrition, Diet & Supplementation

As a health and wellness coach, I understand the critical role that nutrition plays in achieving overall well-being. My nutrition and diet program is designed to guide clients towards making informed food choices that align with their unique goals and preferences. Through personalized consultations, meal planning, and practical tips, I empower individuals to develop a healthier relationship with food. Together, we'll explore balanced eating habits, identify nutritional deficiencies, and create sustainable dietary changes that support long-term vitality and energy.

Mountain Path

Exercise & Movement

My exercise and movement coaching is centered on the belief that physical activity is a cornerstone of a fulfilling life. With a focus on tailored workout routines, functional training, and joyful movement, I collaborate with clients to develop fitness plans that suit their lifestyles. Whether they're new to exercise or seeking to enhance their current routine, I provide guidance, motivation, and accountability. Through our partnership, clients will not only achieve their fitness milestones but also cultivate a deeper appreciation for the body's capabilities and the positive impact of regular movement.

Mindset & Lifestyle

Transforming one's health and wellness requires more than just external changes; it necessitates a shift in mindset and lifestyle. In my mindset and lifestyle coaching, I work closely with clients to unlock their inner potential and foster positive habits. By addressing mindset barriers, managing stress, and promoting self-care practices, I help individuals cultivate resilience and mental clarity. Through goal-setting, time management, and holistic well-being strategies, clients can embrace a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle that supports their journey towards optimal health.

Alexa Young, CA

“Testimonials provide a sense of what it's like to work with you or use your products. Change the text and add your own."


Who you truly are

What you can experience

Who you can become

As seen in:

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The personal transformational support and guidance you've been looking for all in one place.

Work with me to manage your mind,
live with more joy and supercharge the results you are experiencing in all areas of your life!

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